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Christmas 2011

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We had a busy and amazing Christmas this year. All of our children and grandchildren came to our home for the holiday. It doesn’t get better than that. Here are the pictures Linda and I took this year.

A special thanks to Alexis, Justin, Tori, Katie, Madison, Tommy, Allison and Abigail. Love you all

Christmas 2010 Continued

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Katie was sick on Christmas day. Of all the days for a child to get sick, we all felt bad for Katie. But on the brighter side we were able to have two Christmas celebrations. As you will see all turned out great. I am truly a lucky guy to have such an amazing family.

Photo Gallery of our Grandkids

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On January 2, 2010, Kelly and Katie came over to the house for the day. A little bit later, Chuck, Gina, Alexis and Tori came over. The kids played with the trains, played Wii and we all had a great time. This is what life is all about, family.