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We went to Aruba! I would highly recommend Aruba to everyone. We had a great time. We went with our friends Frank and Fran, Judy and Wilson, Louis and Patti. We really needed this vacation and came home completely relaxed. The only problem with the trip was we had to come home.

Liquid Planet Water Park pics by Linda

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Here are Linda’s pictures of our day at the Liquid Planet Water Park. She is an excellent photog.

Liquid Planet Water Park in NH

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On Friday Jul 16th, Linda, I Kelly, Mike, Katie and Tommy went to the Liquid Planet Water Park in Cadia, NH. Both kids and all adults had a great day. we had planned to stay till around 1:00 pm but we ended up closing the place at the end of the day. Katie met up with her BFF and they played thier hearts out. Another great day with my family.

Baltimore Aquarium

On July 6th, Linda and I went to the Baltimore Aquarium with Kelly, Mike and Katie. We had a terrific time. When they were closing the Aquarium, Katie didn’t want to leave. We ate dinner at Phillip’s Seafood at the Inner Harbor and Katie was so tired she slept through dinner. When she woke up she wanted to know why we didn’t eat. Another great day with my family.

Katie’s Birthday at Disney World

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On Saturday, we celebrated Katie’s Birthday in Disney World. Katie’s day started after Cinderella decorated her room and left some presents.

Next Katie went to the Bippidi Boppidi Boutique for a Princess Makeover. First she wanted to be made up as Ariel in her Mermaid Costume but after get dressed as Ariel she changed her mind. She decided she wanted to be Cinderella. The people at the Boutique were so nice, they had no problem with her changing her mind.

After the Makeover Katie had a Princess photo shoot and was part of a Parade through downtown Disney. At the end of the Parade, it was onto a special Princess Carrousel ride just for Princesses.

Then it was onto dinner and her Birthday Party with the Princesses. Katie and all of us, had an amazing day. The perfect 4th Birthday for Katie.

Katie at Disney Friday

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Today was our longest day yet, but Katie went strong right to the end. We went to EPCOT to see what the future will bring. After all EPCOT was Walt Disney’s “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”.

The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival was amazing. The flowers throughout the park are beautiful, they even had different characters made of plants everywhere.

Even with all of that Katie had a ball. While in EPCOT she went on many rides and got to see eleven different countries in one day. Katie went on a Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure in the UK and she actually saved the world for all of us. Thank You Katie.

Katie really enjoyed Future World, especially once Riley showed up. Dan, Lynn and Riley Parkhurst arrived at EPCOT late afternoon. The Parkhursts are good friends of Mike and Kelly. Katie loves to spend time with Riley.

Katie met Alice (in Wonderland) and Mary Poppins. She really enjoyed the Fireworks at the end of the night. Overall it was another great day.

Katie at Disney Thursday

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Today we visited Animal Kingdom, once again Katie had a great time. Katie got a tattoo of Ariel on her left forearm, she is so proud of it. She got to go on a bunch of rides and see lots of animals, she even got to pet some of them.

She met several of Disney’s Characters. You should have seen her jumping for joy as Tigger signed her book.

Another wonderful day, at the Happiest Place on Earth!

Katie at Disney Wednesday

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We spent Wednesday at the Magic Kingdom see everything we missed yesterday. Katie is having just the best time a kid could have. She has met new friends from all over the world.

She got to meet Tinkerbell and several other Fairies. Had a ball with Mickey and Minnie, she was jumping up and down for joy.

As you will see, it was another long night where Katie used every bit of energy she had.

Katie at Disney Tuesday

We spent all day Tuesday at the Magic Kingdom. As you will see it was truly magical for Katie, she went hard from early in the morning till late at night. She had a Blast.

The best part of of the day was when Katie got to meet all of the Princesses. She couldn’t have been happier. We finished the day with the Parade of Lights and fireworks above the Castle.

Katie’s 2010 Disney Trip First Day

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Katie started her first day in Disney by having breakfast with several of her favorite Disney’s Characters. Weather is perfect and we are all having a great time.

We spent the day at Hollywood Studios. Katie went morning to night without slowing down. She certainly wore us out.

Hope to post each days events for you all to enjoy.