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Christmas 2011

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We had a busy and amazing Christmas this year. All of our children and grandchildren came to our home for the holiday. It doesn’t get better than that. Here are the pictures Linda and I took this year.

A special thanks to Alexis, Justin, Tori, Katie, Madison, Tommy, Allison and Abigail. Love you all

Katie’s Dance Weekend 2011

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We went up to New Hampshire for Katie’s Dance Recital in December. We sent the weekend taking picture of our four beautiful grandchildren. We ended our weekend at katie’s dance Recital. Katie did an great job, as you will see she is the youngest child in the program. Even being the youngest, she did al well if not better than the older children. Great job Katie.

Tommy’s Birthday

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Here are some pictures of Tommy’e Second Birthday Party at home. As you can see he had a great time. Sorry everyone, I should have posted these many months ago.

Abigail & Allison’s Time in Elliott Hospital

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Here are some pictures from the last week in the hospital. I thought Katie and Tommy would have a tough time spending so much time at the hospital but they were real troopers. They were so good and gentle with the twins. Dan, Lynn and Riley also stopped by before they left for Disney.

Justin’s 11th Birthday

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Sunday was Justin’s 11th Birthday and the family got together to celebrate. It was great day for Justin. He got a new Xbox with plenty of games and accessories. He beat all comers on the Xbox and his Mom baked him a special chocolate chip cake for his birthday. Happy Birthday Justin.

Liquid Planet Water Park in NH

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On Friday Jul 16th, Linda, I Kelly, Mike, Katie and Tommy went to the Liquid Planet Water Park in Cadia, NH. Both kids and all adults had a great day. we had planned to stay till around 1:00 pm but we ended up closing the place at the end of the day. Katie met up with her BFF and they played thier hearts out. Another great day with my family.

Baltimore Aquarium

On July 6th, Linda and I went to the Baltimore Aquarium with Kelly, Mike and Katie. We had a terrific time. When they were closing the Aquarium, Katie didn’t want to leave. We ate dinner at Phillip’s Seafood at the Inner Harbor and Katie was so tired she slept through dinner. When she woke up she wanted to know why we didn’t eat. Another great day with my family.

Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, ME

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Linda and I took a trip to Acadia National Park in August 2008. As you will see in the pictures, it was very foggy. We only had sunshine one day during the week. We had a great time and can’t wait to return. On the way home we stopped at Portland, Me to see the Portland Head Lighthouse. Once again, it was like we were in a Stephen King Novel, The fog had followed us to Portland.

Linda and Jack’s Honeymoon

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We were married on November 6, 2009, and honeymooned in Jamaica. It was the most amazing week. I think it was the company.