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Justin’s 11th Birthday

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Sunday was Justin’s 11th Birthday and the family got together to celebrate. It was great day for Justin. He got a new Xbox with plenty of games and accessories. He beat all comers on the Xbox and his Mom baked him a special chocolate chip cake for his birthday. Happy Birthday Justin.

Justin Lacrosse

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Justin played his last official league game on Saturday. They ended the season with a win and finished with a 9-2 record. We don’t know where they finished in the standings yet. Congratulations Justin on a fine season.

Justin playing Lacrosse

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We went to Justin’s Lacrosse game the other day. This is his first year playing Lacrosse. I was very impressed with the way he played. He is very aggressive and even took on kids much bigger then him. His team has only lost one game all year.

Justin wins BYC Soccer Championship

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Justin’s team was undefeated during the regular season. They were able to continue their undefeated season through the playoffs, to win the championship. Justin saved to best game of the season for the championship game. Congratulations Justin.

Madison’s 3rd Birthday

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Madison celebrated her third Birthday last week. Because of the snow storm, she ended up with two Birthday Parties. One on her Birthday while staying at our house and a second at her house, yesterday. She had a great time at both parties.


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Here are some pictures of our grandson Justin. Justin had a amazing year. He graduated from Elementary School and started Middle School. He has really improved his game in soccer and is fun to watch. His baseball team won their League Championship. Justin played great. He played catcher and second base. In the championship game he was on base almost every time. After getting a single he stole second, third and home. It was a lot of fun to watch.
Way to go Justin, Grammy and Pop-pop


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Here are some pictures of our granddaughter Madison from the past year. Madison will be turn three very soon and we thought you may enjoy some photos of her second year.

Love, Grammy and Pop-pop.

Christmas 2009

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Photos from Christmas 2009 at our house. We had lots of fun.
All of the following helped us celebrate Christmas this year.
Kelly, Mike, Katie and Tommy.
Dawn, Michael and Justin.
Tracy, John and Maddie.