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Katie at Tennis Practice

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While we were in NH we went to Katie’s Tennis Practice. She works very hard but still manages to have a good time. The highlight of this day, was when she hit me with one of her shots.

Katie Ice Skating

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A couple weeks ago, Linda and I went up to see Kelly, Mike, Katie and Tommy. Here are some pictures from Katie’s iceskating practice. She is so cute out there and she works so hard. Enjoy the pictures.

Christmas 2010 Continued

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Katie was sick on Christmas day. Of all the days for a child to get sick, we all felt bad for Katie. But on the brighter side we were able to have two Christmas celebrations. As you will see all turned out great. I am truly a lucky guy to have such an amazing family.

Katie and Tommy’s Halloween 2010

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We went to New Hampshire to celebrate Halloween with Kelly, Mike Katie and Tommy. As you can see it was a wonderful night. Katie invited her BFF Kailey and her brothers Hunter and Logan to her house for Halloween. Katie was dressed as Jessie from Toy Story 3, Tommy was Woody, Kailey was Jasmine, Hunter was Woody and Logan was an Alien. Linda was dressed as my Cowgirl. We all had a great time.

Liquid Planet Water Park pics by Linda

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Here are Linda’s pictures of our day at the Liquid Planet Water Park. She is an excellent photog.

Liquid Planet Water Park in NH

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On Friday Jul 16th, Linda, I Kelly, Mike, Katie and Tommy went to the Liquid Planet Water Park in Cadia, NH. Both kids and all adults had a great day. we had planned to stay till around 1:00 pm but we ended up closing the place at the end of the day. Katie met up with her BFF and they played thier hearts out. Another great day with my family.

Baltimore Aquarium

On July 6th, Linda and I went to the Baltimore Aquarium with Kelly, Mike and Katie. We had a terrific time. When they were closing the Aquarium, Katie didn’t want to leave. We ate dinner at Phillip’s Seafood at the Inner Harbor and Katie was so tired she slept through dinner. When she woke up she wanted to know why we didn’t eat. Another great day with my family.

Katie’s Dance Recital

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On Sunday, Katie’s Dance Class had a recital. She performed both in Ballet and Tap Dancing. She was wonderful. I do believe everyone in the sold out event had a good time. Thanks Katie for a fantastic weekend. We both miss you.

Linda has Photos in both posts from this past weekend.

A Saturday with Katie and Tommy

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Linda and I went up to New Hampshire this past weekend. We spent all day Saturday at the YMCA. It seems that Katie is a very busy little girl on Saturdays. She starts her day in Dance Class, then it on to her Gymnastics class, then to her Swimming Lesson and finishing her day playing T-Ball. Tommy also takes Swimming Lessons every Saturday. So as busy as Katie and Tommy are their parents are even busier.

After taking an hour break, Katie performed in a Gymnastics Exhibition. She performed wonderfully and we all had a great time. It is truly amazing the amount of energy she has.

A special thanks to the Staff at the YMCA, they do a terrific job with the kids.

Katie’s Birthday at Disney World

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On Saturday, we celebrated Katie’s Birthday in Disney World. Katie’s day started after Cinderella decorated her room and left some presents.

Next Katie went to the Bippidi Boppidi Boutique for a Princess Makeover. First she wanted to be made up as Ariel in her Mermaid Costume but after get dressed as Ariel she changed her mind. She decided she wanted to be Cinderella. The people at the Boutique were so nice, they had no problem with her changing her mind.

After the Makeover Katie had a Princess photo shoot and was part of a Parade through downtown Disney. At the end of the Parade, it was onto a special Princess Carrousel ride just for Princesses.

Then it was onto dinner and her Birthday Party with the Princesses. Katie and all of us, had an amazing day. The perfect 4th Birthday for Katie.